One of the essential conditions of business success today is the establishment of economic relations extending over various countries and the deliberate use of the advantages coming from different environments. The business relations so established, extending over national boundaries, may significantly strengthen the market positions of the partners. A condition of this is that during their cooperation, the economic players successfully overcome the geographical and cultural distances separating them and turn them to their advantage.

With our activity, as middleman, we try to make the relations of our partners with each other closer in these areas and to change the distance between them as imperceptible and useful as possible.

Important means of reducing the distances in the above sense are, among other things, the timely transfer of information relating to the activity to each other, the organization, optimization and checking of the processes, the smooth forwarding of the products to their destination and the flexible and optimalized processing
of unforeseen events.


Special Services:

- The support of the launch of initial steps of international retail companies in focused countries
  (Central-South-East Europe: Polen, Rumania, Hungary etc.)

- Development of sales shop network

- Intermediation of commercial real properties

- Working out and review of lease conditions

- Representation of lessees in case of leasing

- Representation of lessors in case of letting

- Consultancy on commercial marketing consultancy

- Consultancy on commercial logistics consultancy

- Consultancy on special real property transactions