Advisory services for retail park developers at site-seeking procedure

Property aquisition for retail projects

Advisory service in case of renting tenements

Advisory service in case of letting tenements

Supportive assistance at expansions of retail networks (also at initial launch to national market)

Advisory service for investors as far as the realizations of retail projects are concerned

Globality, internationalism


Fields of Our Operations

Central and South Eastern Europe (CSEE) such as
Poland, Hungary, Rumania etc.

The quality of the services provided to our partners is guaranteed by our decade-long international
experience at the field of expansion of affiliates and the loyalty for our partners.

Primarily we encourage international retail companies that begin their activities and expand in the Central and South-East European market and the operation of the shop network.

- Business consultancy on purchasing power, competition, commercial environment, market characteristics, marketing, personnel issues and logistics

- Finding appropriate point of sales (according to the CI and requirements)

- Conducting of leasing negotiations, preparation of lease contracts for signing, agreeing of the lessee's and the lessor's responsibilities,

- Sales shop-network expansion

- Maintaining contact as a representative between the lessee and the lessor
representation of lessees / lessors

- Intermediation of different properties for different trading purposes